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This is a recipe that I have modified and added to over the years, and now adapted to use only low FODMAP ingredients. If you are not following a low FODMAP or similar diet, then you can use regular pasta and any type of bell pepper. The original recipe also included spring onions, which I have removed as they are a high FODMAP food.
I usually make this meal for 2, but it scales up and down very well, so I have listed the amounts for 1. Multiply as needed.
This isn’t the healthiest meal in my arsenal, but so long as you choose the least fatty bacon you can, and opt for light mayo, it’s really not too bad, and with all that veg should count for at least two of your ‘five a day’.

Serves 1

75g or 2 to 2.5 handfuls of gluten free pasta
1 medium egg
2 strips of back bacon
1/2 bell pepper (any colour except green)
3 to 4 radishes
45g mixed salad leaves
1 dessert spoon light mayonnaise

Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutes

Calories: 240 calories (approx)

1. Put 1 medium egg in a small saucepan and boil for 15 minutes.
2. Once the egg has started to boil, put the pasta into a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for 10 minutes.
3. As soon as the pasta has been turned on, start grilling 2 rashers of bacon, turning once. Make sure that they do not end up too crispy, as they will not mix well with the rest of the salad if they are. These should take approximately the same length of time as the pasta.
4. In the meantime, dice the bell pepper and radishes, and tear or chop the salad leaves. (Personally I use a mixed bag of baby spinach, baby red chard, and wild rocket)
5. Once cooked, peel and chop the egg, and chop the bacon.
6. Mix everything in a large bowl with approximately 1 level dessert spoon of light mayonnaise.
7. Serve and season to taste (I find it’s best with some black pepper)


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